Boxing news

Saturday 16th June at Trinity park was the venue for our latest boxing event in which we inly had one fighter entered this time.

Farris Heffer was making his boxing debut for Mamba Martial Arts and at only sixteen years of age in front of a big crowd. His opponent was changed at the last minute with only about half an hour to doors opening but this didn’t faze him as he had trained and just wanted to fight.

He faced another sixteen year old lad who was also very game and ready to go. Both lads handle themselves very well indeed, using the ring well and landing some good shots.

The bout was a very close one indeed and the judges had a tough time splitting them but in the end it went to a split decision in favour of Farris.

Well done mate.


Mamba Martial Arts have quite a few demonstrations coming up soon and various schools/fetes so if you would like to be part of the team please let your instructor know. If you are available and would just like to come along and support your friends or family member that is fine too.

Our first outing will be 30th June at Castle hill school, Ipswich so if you are free from 1:00pm onwards please make your way over there.

We will keep you posted as to when the next one is.

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