League of Contenders

A different venue for team Mamba today. We travelled to Elite Gym in Norwich run by Steve Newman to participate in the first League of Contenders event.

We had two lads boxing today, Farris Heffer and Jack Porter both 17 years old. Farris had two fights and won them both impressively against some tough opposition, six rounds in the bag. Jack had a very good match up and boxed really well indeed. After three rounds we felt he did enough to get the win but unfortunately he did not get the nod.

In a surprise twist, Zoe Land-Turner, co-owner and chief instructor at Mamba Martial Arts got asked to step in last minute to do a grappling match with a young lady who had no-one to fight. Even though Zoe was only there to support the boxers and had no equipment with her, she agreed to jump in and have her first ever grappling match and first time in a cage.

Zoe had two fights with the same girl. The first ended with Zoe tapping her opponent out with an armbar in eleven seconds the second went a little bit longer but saw Zoe win by choke this time.

Very impressed with team Mamba today, and very proud of my wife Zoe for always being fight ready.

Boxing results

So Saturday 9th March saw Mamba Martial Arts boxers take a trip to Valley farm Park, Clacton, Essex in another test away from home.

Tommy Purdy, Farris Heffer and Lee Shulver representing us this time.

First up was Tommy facing an older opponent but even at only 17 Tommy is more than used to the fight game. It was a fiery start from both lads with some great exchanges. This was a two round war with Tommy giving his opponent two standing eight counts before stopping his man at the end of the second.

Farris was up next facing a very tough opponent. Although originally planning to do a three round fight, he along with the rest of our team were asked to make it four rounds which all lads were happy to do. This fight went all the way to the end with some big shots being thrown both ways and some lovely body shots from Farris. In the end a points win for our Mamba fighter.

Last up for us was young Lee, again fighting someone a fair bit older. Lee is used to fighting the men in the gym and is never phased by trading punches with bigger guys. His opponent came out fast throwing some good combinations but didn’t land all as Lee’s movement was very good although didn’t throw as much back. Lee started to pick things up a bit better in the second round but unfortunately got an accidental thumb in the eye and could not continue the bout.

We are very proud of how our lads portrayed themselves at this event, excellent boxing. And for a bonus Farris was awarded fight of the night by the promoter.

Left to right: Tommy Purdy, Lee Shulver & Farris Heffer.

If you are interested in boxing at Mamba Martial Arts Ipswich, please get in touch.

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