2020 with Mamba Martial Arts

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New year,

We open our doors for normal service Thursday evening the 2nd January so we hope to see many of you in then to start our year off right.

Why not bring some friends or family along with you and get them to join Mamba Martial Arts.

Enjoy the rest of your time off and we will see you all soon.


2 Counties 2 Shows 1 Night

Busy night for Mamba Martial Arts, November 23rd with Den going up to Norwich with Lee Shulver and Jack Purdy on Contenders #28 show and Zoe taking Adam Miaoulis and Jack Porter to Trinity park Prospect Boxing promotion, Lee put on a excellent Boxing display to get a unanimous decision win, followed by Jack Purdy in his K1 fight, finished the guy with a lethal spinning back kick. 

Then in Ipswich we had Jack Porter on. He had a great fight but didn’t get the decision. Lastly we had Adam Miaoulis on and Den made it back from Norwich in time to support him. Adam was in a tough fight and both lads put on a show which ended in a majority draw.

Well done to team Mamba you all made us very proud.


Tomorrow night, Saturday 26th October,  Mamba Martial Arts, take to the road again, this time to Thetford, Norfolk. Just one fighter this time and that is little Joe Purdy.

Joe will be fighting low kicks for the first time against a very talented young man in Jack Carter from BBSK.

These are two very entertaining young fighters and are sure to put on a great show.

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