Boxing results

Three boxers from Mamba Martial Arts were in action over the weekend at Trinity park in Ipswich. Richard Currie, Josh Hembry and Christian Daniels.

First up was Richard, he was facing a very tough and heavy hitter Chrissy Gabriel from Norwich Golden gloves gym. This fight was as action packed as expected with both fighters landing some cracking shots and keeping the crowd pleased. Richard stuck to his boxing though, didn’t get ruffled and managed to come away with a well deserved win.

Next up was Christian facing Daryl Lea from Suffolk punch. Things started off well in the first round for Christian, sticking to the game plan and scoring some good shots. Second round saw Daryl coming back into it and making it a lot closer contest then in the third he landed a lot of good shots forcing the referee to give Christian a standing eight count costing him the decision.

Last but not least was Josh. In only his second fight. He was facing the more experienced Simon Miller from Suffolk punch. Again a great start from the Mamba boxer, doing exactly what we had planned and using a good jab to keep his opponent off. Simon kept coming forward though and made it a very hard match to call. In the end it was a Majority draw.

Well done to all the guys on the night you did give it your all. We take away a few lessons from the fights and know what needs to be worked on moving forward but for now be proud of yourselves.

Richard, Josh & Christian