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IKF British title

It is always satisfying as a coach as it is a parent to see their child try so hard and finally get recognition for their efforts in whatever sport they choose to do. At Mamba Martial Arts Ipswich we have many talented kickboxers but not all of them have had the opportunity to fight for titles yet for one reason or another.

Not everybody who comes to kickboxing classes actually wants to compete on big shows or even step in a ring but they love the training and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all and we welcome those guys too but some students relish the fighting side of it and cannot wait for the next competition. One such student is Jack Purdy. He has had two fights in three weeks and because of his latest performance last Sunday he has now been given the honour to fight for the IKF British Junior title at the next Kombat Zone event “the pain & the glory” run by Colin Payne of Tko Kickboxing, November 25th.

Right guys, no excuses accepted you are being given plenty of warning. November 25th Jack Purdy will be fighting for the IKF British Junior title, at last the chance he has been waiting and training for. I expect all of Mamba Martial Arts members to get behind him for this one. It really does make a difference when you are in there and here your friends and family chanting your name so don’t you let him down guys.

Prior to this event people we have two other very talented kickboxers entering the very prestigious Ringmasters event being held in Sittingbourne, Kent, Sunday 30th September. Tommy Purdy, brother of the above mentioned Jack and Kiera Devereux both these two are great fighters and we expect them to do really well at this event. Again we would ask that you give them the same support you would want if it were you competing.

Good luck all.

Result for Purdy

Last night, Sunday 9th September, Mamba Martial Arts took one of their talented kickboxers, Jack Purdy, to the Casino rooms, Rochester, Kent for Kombat zone 15 run by TKO kickboxing’s Colin Payne.

Jack was to face one of TKO’s rising stars in Jenson Rowley, a very skillful and accurate fighter. We knew this was going to be a good fight as both fighters were determined and looked confident from weigh-in all the way to the ring.

The fight started pretty much as expected with both fighters going for it from the bell, trading very well indeed and this continued for all three rounds. But from our viewpoint in the corner of the ring it seemed like Jack’s stamina was going to be the main factor here as he kept up the pace and hardly took a backward step (as we recall) but for the whole picture, check this fight and all the others from the night on

Well done Jack, win by majority decision.

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Latest news

Mamba Martial Arts Ipswich had four members entered into last Sunday’s light continuous event at Risby village hall, Bury st Edmunds. All four members did themselves and Mamba Martial Arts proud. None of them had easy fights but all showed true grit to get through their bouts giving us two wins, one draw and one defeat.

Well done to you all and keep up the good work.