Hometown Ko for Purdy

Well for the first time we had a big promotion to fight on, in our home town of Ipswich. And representing Mamba Martial Arts was Ipswich’s Jack Purdy fighting K1 rules against an experienced fighter in Matthew Murrell at 62kg.

The build up for this fight had been interesting to say the least with the opposition confident they knew how to beat our fighter. We on the other hand had a game plan and believed we would be ready for this war.

The fight started as explosively as expected and got the crowd going from the off. There was a slight worrying moment in the first round as Jack picked up a cut just above his left eye due to a clash of heads. Luckily he was aloud to continue with the bout.

The second round was all out action as well with Murrell coming strong but Purdy moving well and throwing some great combinations and putting on his own pressure.

There were signs that Jack was getting to his opponent in the second round so come the third round it was a case of going for it and he did and landed a devastating overhand right to drop his opponent and score a knockout victory.

Superb work Jack Purdy.