League of Contenders

A different venue for team Mamba today. We travelled to Elite Gym in Norwich run by Steve Newman to participate in the first League of Contenders event.

We had two lads boxing today, Farris Heffer and Jack Porter both 17 years old. Farris had two fights and won them both impressively against some tough opposition, six rounds in the bag. Jack had a very good match up and boxed really well indeed. After three rounds we felt he did enough to get the win but unfortunately he did not get the nod.

In a surprise twist, Zoe Land-Turner, co-owner and chief instructor at Mamba Martial Arts got asked to step in last minute to do a grappling match with a young lady who had no-one to fight. Even though Zoe was only there to support the boxers and had no equipment with her, she agreed to jump in and have her first ever grappling match and first time in a cage.

Zoe had two fights with the same girl. The first ended with Zoe tapping her opponent out with an armbar in eleven seconds the second went a little bit longer but saw Zoe win by choke this time.

Very impressed with team Mamba today, and very proud of my wife Zoe for always being fight ready.