K1 stoppage for Tommy

Tommy Purdy  put in his best K1 performance so far last night at Contenders 24  Epic studios Norwich. Fighting a good lad who was three kilos heavier, Tommy stuck to the game plan and did not back up.

The volume of strikes thrown in the first round immense and certainly got the crowds attention. Although Tommy was the lighter man he appeared to be landing the stronger shots and started to wear his opponent down.

The second round starts and Tommy is straight back to work sensing that a finish was close.  After a few good exchanges the Mamba Martial Arts fighter landed a well place knee to the mid section of his opponent forcing him to drop to his knees. Once action restarted we knew it was just a matter of time before Tommy found his mark, and sure enough after landing another two or three knee strikes the fight was stopped.

This was a great win for Purdy, not only did he show some of the improvements in his game since his K1 debut but it sets him up nicely for his next fight which is on October 27th at the UEA Sportspark in Norwich, Victory Kickboxing Series.

Also fighting in October we have Richard Currie in a boxing rematch with Lewis Dunnett. Last time was a called a draw so this time a decision would be nice. Another rematch for us is Lee Shulver fighting Billy Shelton, a loss for Lee last time but looking to make amends this time. Tommy’s is also a rematch against Ahmed Hristov and this time its for an area title.

Lets show these Ipswich fighters some support and wish them all well .

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