September 16th comps

A long day for Mamba Martial Arts on Saturday 16th September at Norfolk Showground. Starting off in the morning with a light contact kickboxing event put on by Billy Brown of BBSK.

We had three fighters on this one, Sophie Sheeren, Joe Purdy & Lee Shulver. First up was Lee in his boxing debut, a change from the kickboxing he usually does. He put on a great display and showed good control to get his first boxing win.

Sophie was up next in a rematch with BBSK’S Lola. This was another great fight with both girls going for it. A thrilling fight from start to finish with Sophie getting the win. This fight was announced fight of the day. Well done girls.

Last for the daytime show was Joe. He was fighting a very good lad from BBSK who he had met and beat before. This fight also had lots going on with both boys desperate to impress. After three rounds the judges had it as a draw so an extra round was called for to decide the winner. This went against Joe this time, maybe a third fight is in order?? 

In the evening we had the Contenders show, K1 & MMA. Fighting for Mamba we had Jack Purdy in a K1 61kg youth title fight against Jake Caterall. After some interesting antics and verbal’s at the weigh-in the day before we were all looking forward to this one.

This fight in our opinion was Jack’s most mature performance both in conduct and the way he went about the job at hand. Using some great movement and evasion tactics in the first couple of rounds to rack up some points. There were some good exchanges between the two of them, stronger leg kicks coming from his opponent but some nice high kicks from Jack and faster hands. Five gruelling rounds but the winner and new K1 Champion…..Jack Purdy.

Well done all fighters on the day.

1st Mamba Comp

So Saturday 29th July 2017 saw Mamba Martial Arts held their first in-house competition and glad to say it was a great success.

All done on a small scale compared to most competitions we attend, this was aimed at mostly 1st and 2nd timers to build their confidence up before facing the bigger shows and just to give them a little taste of what to expect and the procedures they would have to go through.

Most of the fighters were Mamba members but we did have 3 others from 3 supporting gyms, BBSK (Billy Brown), Blue dragon (Connor Blezard) & NDT’S (Nicky Taylor).

Apart from 2 demonstration bouts all match ups were as close as we could have got in weight, experience and age and it worked out very well as every fight was thrilling to watch and some were really hard to separate by the end of the final round.

Many thanks to all that stepped in the ring to show off their skills whether kickboxing or boxing you did a great job.

A special thanks to all our helpers on the day who helped everything run as smooth as it did… Richard Currie, Peter Graefe, Gerry Turner, Olly Halls, Amber Halls, Suzannah Halls, Jackie Osborne, Ben Buckley, Winston Lawes, Rhekia Turner, Jack Purdy, Josh Hembry, Zoe Land-Turner, Dennis Turner and Ken Hawley for his services. And of course thanks go to all the friends and family that gave their support on the day.

We hope to do another show in the near future so will keep you informed. Some pictures will be in the gallery soon under “our comp #1” and hopefully we can have some videos up soon.

Respect to you all.

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