Battle of Kent results

Four fighters from Mamba Martial Arts were in action this Sunday 14th October at the Battle of Kent and all four did us proud once again. Liam Keeble, Dawn keeble, Tommy Purdy and Kiera Devereux were representing Mamba this time and what a great job they did.
Up first and making her kickboxing debut for Mamba was Dawn (mum to Liam). She had a good opponent from “Kicks” who didn’t make it easy for her but she did very well getting over the first fight nerves to get the win. Liam was up next fighting a lad “PMA”. Both boys threw a lot of kicks and this was a very close fight which could have gone either way but this time it went to the other lad.
Tommy faced TKO’S Chayden Carpenter and this bout was a crowd pleaser. It was non-stop action from the bell with good combinations and such a variety of kicks, it made it very hard to call so this bout ended up being a draw.
Last to fight for Mamba was Kiera. Her opponent from “Falcon” was certainly up for a fight as was Kiera. A lot of kicks were exchanged again in this bout and as with her last fight at Ringmasters, it was quite close but this time Kiera got the win. Well done to all of you not just for the way you fought but for your conduct throughout the day.

Ringmasters 2012

It was Mamba Martial Arts Ipswich’s first visit to the Ringmasters event held in Sittingbourne Kent. We went there with two of our best young fighters, Kiera Devereux aged 12 and Tommy Purdy 11 years old.

Kiera made it straight into the final and was up first for Mamba. She was fighting a girl 4kg heavier than her but she took to her task very well. It was non-stop action from the first bell with plenty of accurate kicking coming from both girls. Although Kiera did take a bit of a heavy kick to the body, she did not give up. This was a brilliant fight and even though the decision went the other way, it was a very very close fight which could just as well been called in our favour. Next time.

Next up for us was Tommy. He had to see off two opponents before reaching the final. From the start of his first bout it was clear he meant business, throwing good kicking combinations as well as very fast hands. The constant pressure applied forced a second round stoppage. It was much the same in his semi final, again a second round withdrawal from the other corner. The final was just as eye catching with both fighters throwing every kick and punch with good accuracy. After three rounds the judges called it a draw meaning they would have to do an extra round of 30 seconds. With all guns blazing Tommy went for it and finally got the win.  Boys -35kg Ringmasters Champion 2012.

A very well done to Kiera and Tommy. And a thank you also to their parents who support them all the way.


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