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  November 06, 2022

A long trip for us up north to Birmingham for the first time in a long time.

Four of our young Mamba Kickboxers taking part in this light contact show put on at Aero-Kick gym in Birmingham.

Caiden was up first for us and was fighting a boy two years older but he went out all guns blazing and put on a great show with his opponent. In the end the judges called this one a draw.

Next up was Lemay. She was fighting a more experienced girl but again put up a really good fight. This time we didn’t get the decision though.

Follwing on was Katelyn. Her opponent came out really strong and fast and although Katelyn tried her best to stay in there, the fight had to be stopped in her best interest.

Finally we had Harley up for us. His fight was all out action from start to finish. This was the best he has fought to date and we thought he had done enough to get the win but unfortunately the judges didn’t agree on this occasion.

We would like to say a very big well done to all of you for even stepping up in the first place, not taking easy fights and travelling all that way to test yourselves, not fighting in your own backyard and giving a really good account of yourselves.

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