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  November 20, 2023

Wow what a night for our boys at Trinity park Saturday night. Absolutely amazing fights from all three boxers.
Liam Keeble out for us first in an amazing battle which at that point was definitely fight of the night. Non stop action and so many shots thrown, superb win.
Lewis Beeton next in his first title defence and what can I say, he improves and learns with every fight. We knew his opponent was tough and durable so had to work smart and that he did. Beautiful boxing to secure a successful win, AND STILL!
In the last bout of the night, we had James Cameron going for the vacant light heavyweight title against a very tough opponent from Ipswich. This fight started fast and hard. Both fighters landing some heavy shots and going into the 3rd round maybe one round each?
The last round was an amazing show of heart from both guys, and could have gone either way but in the end James found that punch we know he has and scored a KO. AND THE NEW!
Hopefully all the fighters from all camps are ok, takes a lot to get in those ropes and do what you do so much respect to you all.
Well done team Mamba you did us proud yet again 👊🏽❤️

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