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  February 27, 2023

We have a few dates for you to keep an eye on as we will have a few fighters in action over the coming weeks.

Firstly we will be in Ipswich this Sunday 5th March for an interclub event at Ipswich kickboxing academy. We will have some kickboxing, some boxing and K1. This is just a light contact event to give the youngters a little taster with no pressure of winning or losing.

Then Saturday 11th March we are at Trinity park with six of our boxers putting their skills on show. Two of ours making their boxing debut and four returning.

Saturday 25th March we travel all the way down to Hastings to the great venue which is the White Rock Theatre with two of our boxers. This will be a test for our guys a long way from home.

And with very little rest, the next day we drive the opposite direction up to Peterborough for the open series. This will be for Karate and light continuous kickboxing. Always very busy there and a very long day but worth it for the experience.

April should see us out twice more, once in Yarmouth and once in Norwich. 

There are more dates planned for the Mamba fight team which we will send out soon so watch this space.

Anyone interested in competing in either boxing, kickboxing, K1 or Karate please let us know and we will find the appropriate competition for you.

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